Electrode Arms

ELECTRODE ARMS FOR AC-EAF, DC-EAF AND LFA one stop shop for engineering, design, manufacturing and commissioning.


For Ø 100-800 mm sized electrodes • low operating costs • minimal shutdown times • easy handling • optimum symmetry • highest efficiency level CURRENT CONDUCTING ARMS MANUFACTURED FROM ALUMINIUM

For Ø 100-800 mm sized electrodes • weight saving of 30% • low electrical resistance • better control dynamics • simpler maintenance CONVENTIONAL ARMS

Steel arm fabrication with insulated copper bus tubes.

Delta closures

Delta Closure bus assemblies are used in the steel melting industry to close the secondary delta of a high current three phase transformer. The bus also conducts the current from the transformer through the vault wall to the power cables.

As production requirements increased, the power requirements for the steel melting process increased. so the water cooled bus assembly were introduced in Steel Industries.

FLOHE designs and manufactures Deltas to meet customer onsite requirements ,while the manufacturing in secondary bus systems, the majority of OEM furnace manufactures specify our products.